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ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager
ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager
ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager
ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager
ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager
ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager

ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager

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The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Naturally Relieve Insomnia, Headaches & Eye Fatigue.

Smart Eye Massager uses safe air compression technology, trigger point therapy, and scientifically-proven vibration massaging plus music to provide instant relief from headaches, sleeping problems, stress, everyday eye fatigue, and more! You'll begin to FEEL the results in as little as 15 minutes!


           Health and Wellness for Your Eyes
  • Spending hours working on the laptop or phone can cause fatigue for your eyes and mind. Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate headaches and provide relaxation.
  • The Clapthunder eye massager can help. This device can provide 4 different massage methods: compression, vibration, heating, and music.
  • Effectively relax eye pain, promote eye muscle relaxation, reduce headaches, and alleviating chronic eye soreness.
  • When our eye massager is working, it will Compression and produce vibration and music, which may result in normal sounds <50dB, just like people's voices when they talk.     


Smart Eye Massager Is Effective Against:

✅ Smart Eye Massager Is Effective Against:

✅ Migraines, Sinus Pressure, and Headaches

✅ Dry & Tired Eyes

✅ Sleeping Problems & Insomnia

✅ Stress & Anxiety

✅ Eye Bags & Dark Under-Eye Circles



Experience Instant & Long-Term Benefits:

✅ No Migraines Or Headaches

 Healthy Fresh Eyes

✅ Improved Sleep Quality

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Applicable To Many Groups

The Clapthunder's eye massager is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It is ideal for many people: teenagers who excessively use their mobile phone or tablet causing eye fatigue or myopia, office workers who use their computer every day, elderly people who have dry eyes, and people who have stress.



Smart Eye Massager uses safe air compression technology and adopts kneading, trigger point therapy, and rhythmic percussion massaging to give you the gentle touch you need to battle against headaches, eye strain, sleeping problems, stress, and more.

The built-in heating pads provide a soothing adjustable temperature between 100 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit (38°C-42°C) which helps to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes, reducing eye puffiness, and dark circles, improving your sleep quality, and making your eyes feel healthy and refreshed!




Imagine after a long day on the computer, taking care of the kids, or a long work day full of meetings, causing headaches and stress! Just imagine using  Smart Eye Massager as your remedy.

If you suffer from headaches, dry and tired eyes, bad quality sleep, or stress, then this device is for you. With this medically proven device, you'll be able to relax your eyes and feel refreshed. It's been designed to keep your eyes healthy and receive all eye-related problems including migraines, sinus pressure, eye fatigue, puffiness, eye bags, and more to be used in the comforts of your own home.



HAS BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH FOR MUSIC CONNECTION– Enjoy a restful massage session with your own favored music or the built-in ambient soundtracks.

HEATING MASSAGE -- Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature of 107.6°F (42°C), beneficial to stimulate blood circulation and maintain healthy eyesight.

WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE– Built-in1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery can last for hours on a full charge, which allows you to make an eye massage trip anytime and anywhere. After using 15 minutes, it will be automatically stopped to save power. Use USB for charging.

5 ADJUSTABLE MODES – Comes with 5 massage modes: automatic mode, power mode, eye protection mode, mitigation mode, and sleep mode. Choose one that fits your needs.

180° ADJUSTABLE & PORTABLE – You can fold it into a smaller one, so you can take it with you wherever you go! Take it to the office, on an airplane, on vacation, etc.



1* Smart Eye Massager

✅1* Fast Charging USB Cable

Instructional Manual

✅Velvet Pouch bag



Q. Is this for me?

ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager was specifically designed for people experiencing eye strain and sinus headaches from working extended hours in front of a computer screen. If you deal with headaches, eye fatigue, dry eyes, or low-quality sleep, ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager is perfect for you.

Q. How long does it take to feel results?

ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager can provide relief in as little as one 10-15 minute session. We also recommend using it daily or every other day to experience the full long-term benefits.

Q. Is this safe to use?

All our products are checked regularly for reliability and quality. lapThunder ™ has been thoroughly tested for two years prior to launch and has received all the required medical certifications to ensure 100% safety for our users.

Q. How does the Bluetooth® feature work?

If you would like to listen to music while using Massager, you can pair your smart phone/tablet via Bluetooth®. Volume can be adjusted through your device. Bluetooth® pairing mode is automatically turned on by default.

Q. How do I charge it?

ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager can be charged via the USB cable it comes with. Simply fold the massager to reveal the charging port at the bottom. A full charge takes 1 hour and lasts up to 1.5 hours (4-6 full sessions).

Q. How do I clean it?

If ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager gets dirty, the ultrasuede fabric can be cleaned with wet wipes.

Q. What are your shipping times?

Processing times are 1-2 business days. Orders are then shipped from our warehouse and you'll receive an email with your tracking number.

Q. What is your Return Policy?

ClapThunder ™ Eye Strain Relief Massager comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty covering any manufacturer related problems. You may return our product for whatever reason within 60 days from the date of delivery. Simply contact us at support@pasitheatech.com to begin the return process and a full refund will be provided.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anjali Wadhwani
Amazing product

I was facing sleep problems since 3-4months , becoz of this eye massager my insomania went over .Thank u so much

Yash Thombare
Awesome 😍

I needed something that was going to help with bad headaches. I struck gold with this item. Wish I would have come across this a long time ago. It fits perfect around my head. The air compression and temple massager gives instant relief. I honestly haven't gone past the first of three modes yet. I highly suggest this to anyone who suffers from pressure headaches like I do. Its worth every penny.

Khushi Kapoor

So freaking relaxing.....